Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed with the child at the center, ensuring a teacher-friendly approach. It is widely recognized and preferred by the finest primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria. With the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), your child is empowered to take charge of their learning journey through engaging activities like planning, researching, recording, and interacting with teachers and peers.

Crane Primary School — We are the Best Primary School in Lagos & Nigeria

Our Pre-School

In the Early Elementary, encompassing Year 1 to Year 4, we prioritize delivering an optimal education that nurtures core skills in literacy and numeracy, fostering well-rounded development. Should a child encounter learning challenges, our school extends a dedicated learning-support program, contributing to why Crane Schools is lauded as one of the finest primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria.

Our ultimate goal is to make schooling a joyful experience for our pupils, infusing learning with fun and structuring a conducive environment that eases the learning process.

Here are additional reasons why parents perceive us as one of the best primary schools in Lagos and entrust their children to our care:

  • We instill positive behavior and encourage collaboration among peers through engaging group activities.
  • Our pupils are introduced to a foreign language, opening doors to unique forms of communication and cultural appreciation.
  • Engaging in various activities, our pupils develop self-confidence, empowering them for life’s endeavors.

Our Primary School

The Senior Elementary School, spanning from Year 4 to Year 6, builds upon the foundation laid in the Early Elementary School. Here, the International Primary Curriculum takes on a more specialized approach, integrating new knowledge and skill training.

Our certified teachers leverage the curriculum to expand core literacy and numeracy knowledge, empowering students to apply their learning in problem-solving. Additionally, your child will gain hands-on experience with Information Communication Technology, keeping them abreast of the latest technological advancements.

Beyond academics, our commitment to instilling self-discipline and personal organization is another significant aspect that distinguishes our Elementary School as one of the best primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria. From Year 4 onwards, we place heightened emphasis on behavioral expectations, guiding our students towards increased responsibility and self-awareness.


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