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Welcome to Our Pre - School

Crane Schools is a co-educational institiute founded in the year September 2008 where an integrated scheme made up of British National Curriculum and Nigerian Curriculum is offered.

Crane Schools exist to educate the children of Nigeria wholly. it is believed that the education of a child and young adult must take care of three aspects, Body, Mind and Spirit; and here at Crane Schools, we seek to do exactly that.

Our Schools have known to provide education of exceptional quality combined with high standards since inception. Crane Schools Pre-School is a school for children from 3months to about 5years. Our teaching staff are experienced early years educators. We offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with excellent links with the Nigerian Curriculum using some Montessori principles and resources.

Our nursery staff all work together as a team and our children get to choose from a wide range of activities with strong emphasis on learning through play. We work towards providing practical opportunities and experiences because we know that children learn by "doing".

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