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  • Pupils on admission shall have their application forms completed by their respective parents/Guardians as the case may be.
  • Application forms are obtained from the school office on payment of the application fee either to the bank or in cash. .
  • Forms obtained are to be filled by parent/guardian of respective applicant in capital letter with detailed information of the applicant (pupils/students) to ensure proper record keeping.
  • Admission fee would be required for prospective pupils who pass the test and interview as may be required.
  • Pupils admitted into pre-school/reception classes are usually between the ages of two and five while primary pupils are between the ages of five and six. The selection process depends largely on the scores obtained from, oral interview, intelligent quotient (IQ) test and other test types administer by school.
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  • An application form is obtained in which the prospective student will be allowed to take part in the entrance examination into Crane College.
  • The prospective student on admission into junior and senior secondary school must have completed at least 5 or 6 years of compulsory primary school education within or outside the country.
  • The student must be 10 or 11 years of age by September of the year of admission.
  • Admission shall be strictly by merit based on the performance of the prospective student or via a comprehensive written or oral interview or otherwise that is usually conducted within the school premises.
  • Successful candidates are admitted and a letter of admission and acceptance to be signed and submitted by respective parents/guardians and requisite administrative charges are rendered void after the expiration date specified on the admission letter.

    Crane schools operate the continuous assessment system (CAS) and score are based on students results obtained from subject attendance, quizzes, projects, note-taken, test and assignment respectively.

    Examination is extracted from what the students are taught during the academic term and this account for 60% of the overall assessment for each subject. The school policy emphasizes that every student must pass English and mathematics and some other compulsory subjects before he/she is promoted to the next class.



    Crane college conduct internal examination as progressive assessment to evaluates the academic performance of her students from one class to another.
    At the end of junior secondary school examination, students are registered for the junior secondary School certificate examination (JSSCE) conducted by the Lagos state examination board certified by basic education certificate examination (BECE) while the senior secondary students are registered for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO).

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